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About Us

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I am Samuel Lee. I started SL Builders & Associates, LLC in 2009 when I noticed there was a need to have a general contracting company that was more focused on a consultation approach verses just providing a bid, giving superior customer service and an involved education construction process for you the client. I graduated from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University in 2007 with my Bachelors Degree in Construction Engineering Technology. During that time I saw that the construction industry was ready for a young GC like me. But, before I started my solo journey building my clients dreams I earned my stripes with a tool belt, managed 100's of employees/ subcontractors and gained experience managing the construction of the $300+ million dollar Airside renovation at Orlando International Airport. My daily responsibilities ranged from managing the demolition of existing structures around multimillion dollar airplanes, managing the installation of various structural systems, managing very sophisticated subcontractors and managing the installation of level 5 finishes for a very public facility. Working with the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority provided me with a wealth of experience and knowledge for serious and critical projects over 3 stories. Being one of the construction engineers and managers on such a highly scrutinized and high valued project allows me to bring this knowledge, experience and sense of detail to clients like you. After years of working with a great team to build Airside 1, being barely 26 years old I passed the nations MOST DIFFICULT general contractors exam and became a licensed General Contractor. I transformed the construction process and made the process of construction more user friendly for the residential client and small business owner. I focused on transparency and made the process simple for the typical consumer who wanted more information on their end product. SL Builders & Associates, LLC has now been in business for years serving all of Florida. I have learned by educating and keeping you the client involved in the construction process has helped keep construction cost low and lower the amount of change orders that may arise in certain types of construction projects. An educated buyer is a smart buyer. Coming from such a high level of construction management and providing value to my clients we have built and created multiple professional spaces, medical facilities, hospitality centers and remodeled 4 and 5 star hotels/ resorts. My supporting staff and I are very dedicated to making your  building experience seamless and worry free from beginning to end.

Our Subcontractors

A subcontractor is a company that is contracted by the general contractor to perform part or all of the prime contract. In other other words, they put the work into place. Most contractors never really disclose who provides the actual construction labor for your project. But, the construction team is critical to the success of your project. We subcontract all of our work out to focus on your needs, professionally manage the project and provide an overview value that the do it yourself builder just simply can't provide.  Since we subcontract out a majority of your project we take great pride in how we developed our team of skilled craftsmen. Most of these companies have 20+ years experience in their trade and help provide a tremendous wealth of knowledge. We have partnered with some of the highest skilled subcontracting companies in Florida. As a Florida certified general contractor we understand the importance of using a contractor that is state licensed, competent, follows all OSHA construction site safety practices and understands how to keep the client’s bottom line a priority. We hold all of our subcontractors to those above industry practice standards. We prequalify all of our subcontractors by conducting an in depth check for: - Valid state/ local licenses for their scope of work - Adequate general liability insurance coverage - Sufficient workers compensation insurance coverage - Throughly check references As a client of SL Builders & Associates, LLC we want you to feel comfortable with each trade that performs work on your construction project.

What type of license do I hold?

I am state licensed certified general contractor. The state of Florida defines a contractor a person who possesses a certificate of competency issued by the department and who shall be allowed to contract in any jurisdiction in the state without being required to fulfill the competency requirements of that jurisdiction.

What does our General Contractor’s license allow us to do?

The state of Florida states a general contractor can provide services that are unlimited as to the type of work which he or she may do, who may contract for any activity requiring licensure under this part, and who may perform any work requiring licensure under this part, except as otherwise expressly provided in s. 489.113.

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